The Exodus Foundation

Exodus Foundation logoThe Exodus Foundation combats disadvantage in its many forms – by providing food, educational, and social health and wellbeing services without discrimination to those who need it most. It was founded in 1989 by Rev. Bill Crews and a team of dedicated volunteers at Ashfield Uniting Church Parish Mission and now provides services all over inner Sydney.

The Trust has donated to the Exodus Foundation since 2007.

Sydney Jewish Museum

Sydney Jewish Museum logoThe mission of the Sydney Jewish Museum is to ensure through education, academic research and the display of artefacts and memorabilia, that the Nazi Holocaust and its uniqueness in history is never forgotten and that it is recognised as a crime against humanity with contemporary and universal significance. In the aftermath of the Second World War, about 30,000 survivors migrated to Australia, some of whom continue to act as volunteer museum guides.

The Trust has supported the Sydney Jewish Museum since 2007.